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One of three finalists for "Most Innovative Technology of 2012", SXSW 2013

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HexDefense brings the arcade intensity of tower defense to Android.

Welcome to the Foundry.

We're a small group of developers, interface designers, and engineers that craft exceptional user experiences. We work on projects of our own and help clients large and small create software that their customers love. We begin every project with the same goal: to meet user needs and make the boundaries of technology disappear. We're incurable builders and perpetual brainstormers with a passion for software. Let's make something great.

We build great apps.

Recently, we've spent the majority of our time building mobile apps. No, not fart apps and soundboards. Real, beautiful, applications that deliver engaging experiences to people on-the-go. We've developed several of our own apps, and we've worked with clients across the US and Canada to imagine, prototype and develop their ideas. Our apps have been featured on the App Store, pictured in iPhone commercials— even used to market HTC phones.

We also license source code from our apps to others looking to create rich, engaging experiences. Reusing our painting engine allowed FingarTips to build ARStreets at a lower cost. It allowed MEDLMobile to build a polished doodle messaging app in a month and a half. We've done the heavy lifting. Contact us to see if licensing is the right way to jump-start your app.

Good design practice, practiced.

Sometimes, brilliant, usable software falls from the sky. For the other 99.9% of the time, there's design. We believe that products should be designed from the ground up to address what people need. We involve end users in every part of the design process, from concept development to product refinement. At the end of the day, it's not about what is technically impressive or easiest to build. It's about creating things that people will love, adopt as their own, and carry into the world in their pockets.


The final product is tested with clients and potential users. We tweak the interface, fix bugs, and prepare the application for deployment.


Once the prototype gets through user testing unscathed, development begins. Generally, one or two of us work on each project.

Concept Development

We identify potential users, explain the concept to them and iterate on the idea. We use this early feedback to assess viability and identify hurdles.


The napkin sketch becomes a storyboard, and the storyboard becomes a set of wireframes. We use Fireworks to create a final set of interfaces for development.

User Testing

We lay the wireframes out in front of potential users and ask them to perform common tasks while thinking aloud. We watch their actions and make sure our model of the app matches their intuition.

Our Apps

Many of our recent client projects are confidential, so we've only listed a few here. Ben has been doing iOS development for more than 7 years, and many of his apps are now maintained under Foundry 376. Click through to each app's website for more information.

Launch your idea.

It's not rocket science, it's
just user centered design
and solid engineering by
hard-working people.


Wannado is your personal guide for all things local - whether you're making weekend plans, looking to plug-in professionally, or want to volunteer for a cause or organization you care about. Ben took over the stalled project in the summer of 2012 and delivered the app to the store within three months.

App Website App Store Page

  • Named "Best Mobile App of 2012" by the Nashville Technology Council
  • on the App Store


Explore the world around you with PAR Works MARS! The first technology on the App Store that gives you instant 3-D recognition for products and places, the MARS leverages years of advanced computer vision research to put information hidden in the world around you at your fingertips.

App Website App Store Page

  • Demoed on-stage at SXSW Interactive 2013
  • on the App Store
  • PARWorks' groundbreaking technology competed in the final round of the SXSW 2013 Interactive Accelerator.
  • MARS platform also was among 5 technologies recognized for "technical achievement" in the SXSW Interactive Awards.


Navigate twenty challenging levels, building and upgrading towers to create mazes that leave enemy creeps marching to their death! With explosive OpenGL-based graphics and 3D stereo sound, HexDefense brings the arcade intensity of tower defense to Android like never before.

App Website Android Market Page

  • "
    " - Android Marketplace
  • More than 500,000 downloads to date.
  • Amazon App Store "Free app of the Day"
  • Featured on the Android Marketplace
  • Used in HTC marketing materials

Layers for iPhone

Built on the feedback of hundreds of mobile artists, Layers packs in everything you need to be creative on the go. Add up to five layers to each drawing, and open a whole new creative space. Once you're done working, you can email your drawing as a PSD file with the layers intact.

App Website App Store Page

  • "What's Hot" on the App Store, Dec. 8th, 2009
  • Pictured in an iPhone Christmas commercial
  • Reviewed by Gizmodo, ARS Technica, Macworld, TUAW, and more!
  • "Staff favorite" on the App Store, Aug. 8th, 2009
  • More than 40,000 copies sold.
  • One of the "Apps of the Year" -iPhone Review UK


A math practice app with a powerful explanation engine capable of walking students through each problem step-by-step. Deep integration with the Kodiak Reporting cloud makes it easy to follow student progress and create separate learning profiles for each student!

App Website App Store Page

SCREENSHOTS is the best way to view and share street style with other fashion enthusiasts. Spot, tag and post looks you love or browse our live style stream for fun and inspiration. The app was designed by Joe Rivera ( and implemented over the course of three months by F376.

App Website App Store Page

  • on the App Store

Layers for iPad

Layers for iPad offers a balanced set of painting tools completely redesigned for the iPad's large, crisp display. With high-quality brushes, an eyedropper, a smudge tool and an eraser, Layers provides the tools you need to create great art.

App Website App Store Page

  • "What's Hot" on the App Store, April 28th, 2010
  • on the App Store is a private way to store memories and media in the cloud, creating beautiful life stories. Capture video, audio, photos, and text notes offline and organize them into visual memories, then sync them to the cloud for safekeeping.

App Website App Store Page

  • on the App Store

The team.

In 2008, Ben began writing his first iPhone app. Three years later, with a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction under his belt and nine mobile apps in his porfolio, he defied all conventional logic to set up shop in the heart of his favorite city: Nashville, TN. He gathered his fellow engineers and designers, and Foundry 376 was born.
Ben Gotow
Designer, Developer, Founder
I was raised in a homeschooling environment that taught me to love learning— not as a means to an end, but as a lifelong process of exploration. I started programming when I was 7, designed and implemented my first website when I was 9, and received my first cease-and-desist order shortly thereafter. (Did you know that Orange is a registered trademark in Canada?) The medium has changed over the years, but I have always been an incurable builder.

I moved to Nashville in 2006 to attend Vanderbilt. As an undergrad, I worked as the multimedia editor and web architect of the school paper and it slowly changed the way I thought about software. In journalism, emphasis is always on the readers. The people. The users. I graduated in 2010 and went to Carnegie Mellon to pursue a masters in Human-Computer Interaction. I had the technical expertise to build great software. The trick, I realized, was knowing what to build in the first place. My work at CMU taught me how to conduct user research and design experiences from data. Now it's time to build. From napkin-sketch to 100,000 downloads on the App Store, we've got you covered.

core team
Grayson Sharpe
Front-end Mobile
I graduated from Vanderbilt in 2010 and took a job at, leading the development of their app for iOS and Android. In my free time, I works on projects at the Foundry.
Demetri Miller
Core Daydreamer
I graduated from Vanderbilt in 2011 with a Master's in CS. Since graduating I've been building iOS apps at Mercury in Brentwood, TN. When I'm not coding you'll usually find me playing ultimate frisbee, gaming, or creating music.


Having trouble with one of our apps? Post your questions and comments on one of the support forums below, and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.
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We're always open to new projects. Even if you're just tossing around an idea, we'd be happy to provide feedback. Let's get started on something great!